Sunday, 4 December 2011

Scared, I am.

My first two weeks of semester the fourth was seemingly blah and rather uneventful. The lecturers are okay, some being more entertaining than others. Lots of biased lecturers this year, I must add. My economics classes are fun, due to the fact that our lecturer is an effeminate male who teaches in the most different (and effective) way. We have Journalism and Issues in Modern Malaysia this semester; both involve a lot of writing. Hopefully, my love (or so I think it's love) for putting my thoughts into words would be able to aid me in those two particular subjects. And then, it's the three amazing (and killer) subjects - graphic design, photo communication (photography) and publishing. These involve a lot of hours spent on Photoshop, brainstorming, imagination and a truckload-full of patience. 

Let's just hope this semester will be good one, yes?


najwa aminah abas said...

hey peah! goodluck! too bad i aint there to watch u guys suffer! haha

Sofeya Suhaimi said...

Hey, Najwa! Haha, thanks a bunch! Good luck in Shah Alam nanti, hihi :D